Results: Art Reflection Photo Exhibition

The results are out! Check it out HERE.

Squad of fighter jets thundering down.

Squad of fighter jets thundering down.

This is the first time I entered a FIAP, PSA, GPU recognized competition. I entered 3 categories (4 images each). My results were one acceptance in Open Color category and one acceptance in the Travel Category. Goose egg in the Open Monochrome.

Mixed emotions for me right now. First competition, positive results! Didn’t win an award but got some recognition. I realize that I need to work on my “photo sense” I think. My least favorite photo of the bunch was accepted (I almost didn’t submit it) and my most favorite wasn’t accepted.

Reflections FIAP 2016

Reflections FIAP 2016

Challenge Accepted. Fire under chair status: RAGING ! If you’re interested in Fiap, PSA, GPU competitions as well, you can check our listing here. If you know of any please drop us a note and we’ll add it to the list.

Emerging Talent Awards – Lensculture

Check this out:

“We invite you to enter our 4th annual Emerging Talent Awards, which are dedicated to discovering the best emerging photographers from all over the world. Our international jury will select 50 outstanding photographers — from all cultures, all points of view, with no age limit.”


Free Photography Course

Lectures on Digital Photography: How cameras work, and how to take good pictures using them. Here’s the site.

Taught by Marc Levoy, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford, and Principal Engineer at Google.

Course description

“An introduction to the scientific, artistic, and computing aspects of digital photography. Topics include lenses and optics, light and sensors, optical effects in nature, perspective and depth of field, sampling and noise, the camera as a computing platform, image processing and editing, and computational photography. We will also survey the history of photography, look at the work of famous photographers, and talk about composing strong photographs.”

Articles as seen on Petapixel and Phoblographer.

Modular camera for Motorola Moto Z

Popular Photography has an article that details Motorola’s team up with Hasselblad to come up with a camera modular add on for the Moto Z Smartphone. Read more on this in the article by HERE.

View Motorola’s marketing of it HERE. To learn about Hasselblad, visit their website

Of course there are other variants for other phones as noted by Popular Photography,  such as:

Sony Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100

The DxO One Is a Supercharged iPhone Camera

Looks interesting!

Moose Peterson MP-1 V2.0

WOW! I thought ThinkTank Photo’s Naked ShapeShifter was cool. This bag by MindShift Gear, Moose Peterson MP-1 V2.0, looks awesome…maybe even better for what I have in mind for my gear than the TTP Naked Shapeshifter!

I can’t wait to check this out, even though it is on the pricier side.

You thought copyright law protects you?

Must read article by Professional Photographer Magazine.

” Copyright law is great for the big creators—the motion pictures companies, rock stars—but it does precious little for high-volume creators like professional photographers,”


Brooks Institute Closes After 70 Years of Photo Education

“With deep regret, Brooks announces that the school will close on October 31, 2016. The school will continue to offer administrative and student services support during this transition period.”

More info at the Brooks Institute.

New Think Tank Shapeshifter

This new TTP Shapeshifter named The Naked Shapeshifter is something that I’ve been asking/wanting for a long time. I can’t wait to get my hands on this bag to check it things out, namely, it can fit 2 TTP Hubba Hubba’s and a couple of TTP skin body bags. It looks like the side loops can’t a TTP Strobe Stuff nor the TTP R U Thirsty.


Most secure bag for travel: a partial solution?

In my search for the “perfect” bag, I’ve come across this bag: Trustbag. “The world’s most secure bag.”

The scenario: when I travel for long periods of time and I’m packing full. I don’t need all my gear on each day so I have to leave some behind in the hotel. Originally I used to use 2 back packs, one for bulk gear and one I use for shooting out of but then leaving a backpack full of gear with no way of reliably securing was a tad sketchy for me. I used to use a laptop tether to secure to a room table or closet rod and put the attached laptop into the bag of gear and padlock the zippers.

Now I’m using a carry on sized suitcase with built in lock but no way to secure the luggage to anything but the suitcase is more rugged than the backpack. The solution would be a rolling suitcase type bag with a built in wire cable lock but those are pricey.

So this bag by Trustbag seems to fit my needs although it looks a bit small for my needs so I may have to get 2 which would put the price range into the roller camera bag range. As a bag to shoot out of, the shoulder straps look uncomfortable. I wonder if those shoulder straps are uncuttable too.

My 2nd Exhibition

PSS Members Exhibition "All About Singapore"

PSS Members Exhibition “All About Singapore”

YAY! Attended my first exhibition tonight of which I had a photo, my second one in total. So yeah, felt happily nervous. So there I was, standing around like everyone else as the President of PSS starts the opening speech. As he was speaking, in mandarin, I was thinking about the experience and how cool it was (since I didn’t understand Mandarin) then he switches to english and calls me out, saying he recognizes me and commends me on my portfolio and invites me to speak. SHOCK. So in shock and disbelief, I declined. I didn’t even know what I should say seeing as I can’t even remember the settings I got the shot with.

PSS Members Exhibition "All About Singapore"

PSS Members Exhibition “All About Singapore”

I gotta say, the feelings of accomplishment was outstanding! I only wish I had my peeps to share it with…

Let’s all get out, shoot and submit more!